QT Water Technologies

With over 30 years’ experience in different water and wastewater treatment industries, the group has developed strong skills in R&D, equipment manufacturing, installation, and operating services.

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QT Water


QT's FastRO® series enters China's Fujian CNNC nuclear power plant


Global climate extremes have given rise to a growing number of severe droughts worldwide. Over the past five years, coastal regions in China, namely Fujian Province, Guangdong Province, and Taiwan Province, have also experienced a profound drought. Particularly since 2019, ...

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QT Water Tech strengthens its presence in Mauritania


On November 16, 13 containerized seawater desalination units, of the fastRO® series manufactured by QT Water Tech, were sent to Mauritania from the port of Shanghai in order to help alleviate the shortage of fresh water resources in in many coastal fishing villages. Since ...

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Sultanate of Oman - Veolia & QT deploy a desalination system with remote management technology during the global pandemic of COVID-19


Tiwi and Qalhat are among the best destinations for adventure and expedition in the Sultanate of Oman. However, the two regions suffer from acute water scarcity, which represents a serious obstacle to development. In 2019, QT Group was entrusted by Veolia Group’s ...

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